How it started

It was on a hot summer’s day in 2005: the two of us, Stefan Menzi and Brice Ulich, were sitting on the terrace of the ‘Post’ restaurant in Basel in the glorious sunshine. While we were talking, Brice mentioned his unsuccessful venture searching for an effective remedy for underarm perspiration. He’d found that many products from pharmacies were expensive but ineffective.

This kicked off a lively discussion: we were convinced there had to be a solution to this issue. And, indeed, the ideas began to flow. Over the next few weeks, we decided to develop products that’d combat sweat problems ourselves. We were clear about what we wanted to do: create products that were effective, kind to the skin and affordable.

What followed was an exciting time of experimenting and trying things out. We examined the physiological principles of the skin and sweating in detail. In the lab, we made initial samples with aloe vera and dexpanthenol. Soon, we had our entire circle of friends actively testing what we’d created. Gradually, we achieved a promising balance between efficacy and good skin compatibility. We talked to GPs and had dermatological tests carried out.

Finally, the time had come: our first preparation went from the lab, into production and was then launched on the market. We worked from home to begin with, storing our still-manageable quantity of products in our private garages. But as sales increased, we quickly outgrew our existing storage space. After only a short time, we could barely keep up with the demand. So we created professional structures and added more products. 

Feedback from customers, discussions with dermatologists and considering scientific studies and investigations always took us another step further. For example, it was clearly shown that the effectiveness of pure antiperspirants is significantly increased when they are applied to dry skin in the evening before going to bed. Thanks to this new recommended use and our 30-day money-back guarantee, our returns rate dropped below 0.5%. Looking back, we assume that we were the first manufacturer of highly concentrated antiperspirants to communicate this ideal use. 

To this day, we continue to adapt our SweatStop® formulas to new findings. Doing so enables us to offer gentle, highly effective remedies at reasonable prices – and thus help people affected by excessive sweating all over the world. We wanted to offer products of different thicknesses for each part of the body. Our goal is to find a solution for every individual sweating problem and thus offer a complete assortment of products that’s the only one of its kind in the world. Applying this standard has meant we’ve been successful in showcasing world firsts several times over:


  1. SweatStop® Instant Lotion dries the hands straight after application and remains "invisible’ thanks to its skin-coloured shade. Competitors have copied this product several times over to date.
  2. SweatStop® Powder Stick can be applied in a targeted manner and does not leave behind any residue like conventional powders. Its complex manufacturing technique means it’s virtually impossible to copy.
  3. SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on contains the novel active ingredient F.A.G.® (Fatty Acids Group), which normalises excessive perspiration. This active ingredient is patented and cannot be copied.

By constantly exchanging ideas and acquiring ever more experience, we now have extensive expertise on the subject of excessive sweating and consider ourselves to be specialists in this field.

From 2005 to the present day – milestones

  • 2005 We develop and market our own antiperspirants. Success forces us to establish professional structures
  • 2006 The first product versions of SweatStop® Forte and Forte plus are launched. We make our first sales through our online shop
  • 2007 Functional Cosmetics Company AG is established. We decide to add other areas to our business model to supplement the "antiperspirant remedies’ segment
  • 2008 The world first, SweatStop® Instant (the first-ever cream that has an immediate effect on moist hands) is launched.
  • 2008 The a-per® brand is included. Its antiperspirant products complement our assortment in the "antiperspirant remedies’ section
  • 2008 We take over exclusive representation of L’axelle armpit pads for Switzerland
  • 2011 We take over exclusive representation of Blocmen® shaving powder sticks. The products are used to soothe irritated skin during dry shaving and have been successfully sold for over 60 years
  • 2011 The SweatStop® foot powder stick, still one-of-a-kind today, is launched
  • 2013 We take over exclusive representation of OTOSAN®, naturally effective products against ENT complaints
  • 2013 We take over exclusive representation of MANJANA® (‘sweat-free clothing’). Cooperation with Anja Michen, the inventor and owner
  • 2017 Presentation of the medical product SweatStop® IXAL, the first product containing no aluminium that can be applied to the surface of the skin and used effectively against hyperhidrosis. The roll-on has as its base the novel active ingredient F.A.G.®, which normalises excessive perspiration.
  • 2019 We take over exclusive representation of AgainLife® – an oncology product line that also has the active ingredient F.A.G.® as its base. The line was designed to repair damaged skin and mucous membrane during cancer therapy. F.A.G.® allows users to bring inflammations under control in a very short space of time.
  • 2020 Our “Functional Cosmetics” shop gets a new name; "the better life". Since we started out with antiperspirants, our focus has expanded to include a number of topics: In addition to products against sweating, we now offer various medical and cosmetic ranges relating to hyperhidrosis, ENT and oncology. "the better life" unites all of this under one name.
  • 2021 Launch of our SweatStop® deodorants, which do not only have a good scent but also counteract the development of odors.
  • 2021 Redesign of our two shops www.sweat-stop.de and www.functional-cosmetics.com