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Flutees® Protective Sleeves for Ear Studs

Flutees® Protective Sleeves for Ear Studs

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Flutees protective sleeves for ear studs slide onto the post of the ear stud to keep the metal from touching the earlobe, thus protecting sensitive skin and preventing discoloration. 

Flutees® are the invisible solution for earring lovers who have had enough of ear jewels that itch, irritate and discolour the ear hole. Any contact between ear stud and ear hole is effectively avoided by simply sliding the Flutees® protective sleeve over the pin of the ear stud. You no longer have to pay attention to the material when buying ear studs, but can go for whatever you like.

Flutees® protective sleeves made out of medical plastics avoid contact between ear studs and ear hole. Flutees® protect against inflammation caused by impurities and allergic reactions when wearing ear plugs.

  • Your ear hole itches and burns when wearing earrings?    
  • You can not wear earrings because your ear holes gets inflamed?    
  • The plugs of your silver earrings turn black?

Contact of the skin with metal or impurities of the earring can be the reason for this. Flutees® reliably avoid contact of the earring with the ear hole and thus prevent from allergic reactions or inflammation.

The skin in the ear hole is sensitive and thin. Flutees® protect this sensitive skin from impurities and from contact with nickel, cobalt, copper or other metal ions that cause allergic reactions.

Flutees® are made of a high-quality medical plastic. They are produced and packed in a clean room under a strict quality management. Each pair of sleeves comes with two caps, hygienically sealed in a medical foil bag. Each pack of Flutees® contains 5 pouches with 2 sleeves and 2 caps. Use a new pair of Flutees® for each application.

  • protect against allergic reactions when wearing ear studs
  • protect sensitive skin     
  • prevent discoloration when wearing ear studs
  • preserve platinization of platinized ear studs
  • patented    
  • manufactured in a clean room    
  • made in Germany

Flutees contain neither latex nor silicone.

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