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SweatStop® Antiperspirant Aloe Vera Sensitive 100ml - for underarms & ...

SweatStop® Antiperspirant Aloe Vera Sensitive 100ml - for underarms & ...

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SweatStop® Sensitve Antiperspirant Spray Against Armpit Sweating

Recommended if you have sensitive skin and still sweat, even without physical exertion. SweatStop® Aloe Vera Sensitive stops sweat efficiently and provides a 24 to 48 hour active protection.

Use of SweatStop® antiperspirant armpit sprays

To develop their sweating and odor blocking effect, SweatStop® antiperspirants have to be applied just before going to bed on clean and completely dry skin. In order that the solution can permeate and that the salts can close the pores, anything that could enhance the formation of sweating in the hours after the application needs to be avoided. The application needs to be repeated every 2-3 days. In the morning washing as usual and, if desired, applying a deodorant or a skin care lotion is possible. The effect will become evident after 1-3 applications. In rare cases it may take longer to unfold.
  • Clean and dry respective part of the skin before going to bed
  • Apply once
  • Leave on until completely dry before putting on clothes to avoid stains
Indication for facial application and application on the head (without hair): It is recommended applying the lotion SweatStop® Aloe Vera Sensitive first. Only if required a SweatStop® antiperspirant with a higher degree of intensity like for instance SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte should be applied. SweatStop® sprays need to be applied with a piece of cotton wool in this case.
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