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SweatStop® IXAL for the treatment of heavy sweating & axillary hyperhidrosis

SweatStop® IXAL for the treatment of heavy sweating & axillary hyperhidrosis

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SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on for the Treatment of Axillary Hyperhidrosis

SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on normalises excessive sweating and combats sweat odor. For use in lasting, severe axillary sweat & axillary hyperhidrosis. Gentle to the skin, it actively repairs and protects. With the worldwide patented active ingredient F.A.G.®

SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on normalizes excessive armpit sweating

Worlwide Patented F.A.G.®.SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on normalises excessive sweating to a natural minimum and combats sweat odour effectively. For use on permanent, severe axillary sweat and axillary hyperhidrosis. SweatStop® IXAL is particularly gentle on the skin, repairs and actively protects it. With the worldwide patented active ingredient F.A.G.®. Effectiveness confirmed.

SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on does not contain aluminium, but is based on an innovative formulation of the patented active ingredient F.A.G.® made of a specific mixture of fatty acids. SweatStop® IXAL is novel in terms of its mode of action: it reduces excessive perspiration to a minimum natural level, and does so in a physiological manner, without blocking the pores of the sweat glands. SweatStop® IXAL also effectively combats body odour and prevents the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.

Regular use of SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on also has a positive influence on the skin condition, because the active ingredient F.A.G.® restores the hydrolipidic film which helps to restore the skin’s protective function. The skin becomes softer because the lipids support the cell walls to perform their action in a physiological way. This makes SweatStop® IXAL particularly suitable for sensitive and permanent sweating affected skin. 
Ideal for use after depilation of the armpits.

Features of SweatStop® IXAL Against Hyperhidrosis

  • For her & him
  • Area of application: armpits
  • Slightly scented
  • Medical device class 1

Range of Use of SweatStop® IXAL Against Excessive Sweating

SweatStop® IXAL works on:

  • axillary hyperhidrosis
  • permanent heavy sweating under the arms without primary detectable reason
Excessive sweating may also occur as a result of other conditions as listed below. Therefore, the use of SweatStop® IXAL is suitable for excessive sweat driven by

  • menopause
  • diabetes
  • chemotherapy
  • radiotherapy
  • after taking neurological medications
  • menstruation
  • stress
Note: SweatStop® IXAL works against heavy sweating. It reduces sweat from an excessive to a minimum normal level. The more pronounced the sweating, the more the improvement is perceived. If there is no problem of excessive sweat, or if sweating is already in the normal range, improvements are perceived to be correspondingly weaker.

Benefits of SweatStop® IXAL

  • Normalises permanent, excessive sweating without blocking the pores
  • Effectiveness confirmed
  • Based on the novel, worldwide patented active ingredient F.A.G.®
  • 0% aluminium
  • Can be used immediately after depilation and on sensitive skin
  • Improves skin condition: Protects, nourishes and soothes the skin actively
  • Vegan

50 ml roll-on with leaflet in box
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